A Premier Ski Destination with a Long Snow-Sure Season

Tignes is renowned as one of the top ski areas, offering a long, snow-sure season.

The main resort, Tignes-Le-Lac, is situated at an impressive altitude of 2100m above sea level, with lower villages still boasting significant elevations of 1550m and 1850m. The highlight is the Grande Motte Glacier, towering at 3450m, which provides skiing opportunities not only in winter but also in summer, making Tignes a unique summer skiing destination.

2100m Above Sealevel

Tignes Popularity

Tignes is one of the more affordable French ski resorts, attracting families, university groups, and friends.

The original town of Tignes was submerged under Lac du Chevril following the damming of the valley in 1952. Today, the resort consists of several purpose-built villages at various altitudes, with Tignes-Le-Lac recognized as the main hub. The resort is meticulously designed for skiers, ensuring lifts are conveniently located near accommodations.

The popularity of Tignes ensures diverse nightlife and dining options to suit all tastes and budgets. Enjoy a variety of restaurants, bars, and cafes, perfect for lunch, dinner, or experiencing the best après-ski in the Alps.

Plan your visit to Tignes for an unforgettable skiing experience that combines convenience, affordability, and vibrant social options.

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